Premixed additional feed for livestock and poultry

The efficiency of Polivetus SIA Magnatus feed mix is determined by properties of its ingredients selected in the scientifically proven amount and ratio and confirmed in R&D and practical application.

Polivetus — the advanced adaptogene with direct impact on the metabolic processes in the digestive tract, liver and on animal and bird organism in whole. The application of Polivetus product in the feed in the recommended doses allows farmers to achieve high results in livestock productivity and health.

The multi-functional Polivetus product with comprehensive effect acts, in particular, as adsorbent and protects animal organism from toxins of different nature — mycotoxins, heavy metals, radionuclides, etc. — as well as stresses of different etiology (nutritional, climatic, physiological).

Polivetus feed mix
SIA Magnatus produces the feed mix and supplements for farm animals and birds with unique formulation. All production of Magnatus company is made of ecologically-safe components free of adverse side effects due to application of advanced technologies and process equipment.

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  • Original formula
  • R&D infrastructure
  • Economically efficient application

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