Recommendations for use

The mix can be added to feed during its preparation at the feed-milling factories or directly in the farms if the equipment (mixers) for homogeneous mixing is available.

The dosage rate: 1 kg per 1 ton of feedstuff.

In case of signs of toxicoses, diarrhea in animals or significant contamination of feed with toxins it is recommended to use Polivetus complex in amount of 1.5-2 kg per 1 ton of feed until clinical signs disappearance.


  • improves productivity and quality indices
  • makes stronger the animals resistance to the unfavorable external factors
  • keeps normal the microbiocenosis of gastrointestinal tract
  • enhances the detoxicative functions of animal organism
  • protects liver efficiently
  • optimizes the digestion of feed nutrients
  • increases resistance to stresses
  • normalizes the work of digestive tract
  • reduces the negative effect of poor-quality components of feed on the animals productivity