Polivetus feed mix


  • beneficial economic effect of application
  • original formula
  • proven results


  • organic acids – key members of Krebs cycle
  • expanded vermiculite
  • montmorillonites
  • pectic polysaccharides

Product description
powder with beige color and pleasant peculiar odor

Kraft paper bag, 20 kg each

in dry place protected from direct sun light at temperature in the range from +5Co to +25 Co

Shelf life
1 year

Polivetus represents the composition of natural components. With labeled dosage rate (1 kg per ton of feed) it demonstrates the excellent results in practical application. The product composition includes the expanded vermiculite and montmorillonites (inorganic adsorbents) with efficient sorption properties and pectic polysaccharides - unique organic adsorbents. These substances form the stable bonds with mycotoxins and other toxic metabolites, so, in result, the desorption of toxin is practically absent. At the same time, Polivetus does not fix the vitamins and other useful substances in the gastrointestinal tract of animals and birds virtually at all. .

The unique components of Polivetus are pectic polysaccharides isolated from plants and fruits. They have different structure and are mixed in the scientifically well-grounded proportion. The polygalacturonic acid contained in the pectic polysaccharides exhibits the capacity to accelerate the esterification of acid groups. Because of this property and overall low degree of macromolecule methoxylation the pectic polysaccharides ensures the excellent adsorption of toxic compounds of various origin including mycotoxins, heavy metal salts and radionuclides as well as capacity for prolonged application.

Due to low dispersibility of pectin macromolecules the pectic polysaccharides act efficiently not only in the gastrointestinal tract but in blood as well. They are involved in many metabolic processes both on cellular level and on the level of microorganism, stimulating the intestinal tract normal microflora development and enhancing the overall resistance of organism.

The organic acids, contained in the mix, also serve indirectly as neutralizers – destroying some mycotoxins and toxic metabolites.

If Polivetus is applied in the ration with undoubtedly quality feedstuff, then it acts as the activator and regulator of metabolic processes, enhances appetite of animals, improves edibility, digestibility and feed conversion rate.

Polivetus feed mix for livestock and poultry is produced by proprietary process technology.